Barts Bash 2016 @OtleySailingClub

We had a great Barts Bash 2016 at Otley Sailing Club on Sunday. Weather great, just enough wind and 28 boats on the water! I was race officer, in fact I was the only race officer. With 28 boats and a short multi lap 850m course, keeping up with the finishers was no mean feat!

Barts Bash 2016 @OtleySailing club!
Yes….this really was in Yorkshire!

I didn’t use SailResults because the Barts Bash results go into their website and are calculated using a special Barts system. Instead I sat in the open committee RIB and used a pen and paper! Looking back I should have used SailResults it would have made things a lot easier.

Boats were spread across 2 A4 landscape sheets. Competitors had written in their own boat type, helm and sail number. In a lot of cases the sail number was omitted!

Recording the results was extremely difficult especially on the last lap as about 7 boats crossed the finish line within 4 seconds of each other. The most difficult part is finding the boat on the sheet so that you can write its result down.

Why am I wittering about this? I’ve been asked by at least one user whether it would be possible to allow reordering of the results on SailResults according to their elapsed time for each lap.

I really like this idea, I’m going to implement it. This would push the boats that are likely to cross the finish line next to the top of the list. This should really improve things as the boats should be ranked in order of their current time. Finding boats should be a lot easier to manage.

Watch this space!

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