Sail Results Release – iOS/Android/Web (v.1.0.15) 2018

Finally managed to release to the iOS/Android App stores and onto this site. The release contains the 2018 portsmouth yardstick numbers.

A couple of items that have caused me bother!

iOS Users

If you already have SailResults on your phone then the release containing the 2018 Portsmouth Yardstick numbers is an *update*

Android Users

I have had to make some major breaking internal changes to the Android App. I’ve therefore unpublished the old version of the Android App and released a new version. The new version is 4Mb rather than the previous 50Mb. I’ve done this because a simple update would have wiped any existing stored races etc. I didn’t want this to happen. Also if you want to use the new version it is now a paid App. All 99p of a paid App (BTW, the iOS App has always been paid). If you don’t want to use the App then use the web version hosted on this site. Or if you still feel its just not right let me know and I’ll sort out a voucher for you.

Web Version

Same as always, it’s here and has the same functionality as the Apps. Just remember it stores your races in the browser cache so make sure you use the same browser on the same computer each time.